Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Epic Food Co.!

First, hello to everyone!  I am a local physician who has Celiac and finally diagnosed myself 10 years ago, after years of wrong diagnoses.  I understand Celiac and food allergies and sensitivities very well, along with common and not so common effects they can have on seemingly unrelated parts of the body.  I am here to help, if I can.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know about Epic Food Co. that just opened at the Forum Shops by Landfall (I have ZERO financial interest here by the way).  James Bain, former chef at Harvest Moon (old famous ILM food spot for those new to area), and his wife have opened this great new place.  He understands food allergies well and has lots of gluten-free items labeled on the menu (gluten-free pasta, wraps, sauces, etc.).  Homemade food, many organic options, etc.  It is nice "grab and go" food (healthy fast food - if that isn't an oxymoron?).  Plus, James is a great guy!  They have a Facebook page with lots of pics and descriptions of food.


mia d said...

Wow thank you - cant wait to check this out!! What type of medicine do you practice? I am starting to really believe that I can feel better if I change the food/drink that I choose to put into my body, hands down. It's been a long road... But I'm excited to learn what I can about food/drink for my family's health.

Gluten MD said...

I practice Emergency Medicine here in town, but I try to help others as I can who are diagnosed as Celiac or gluten-intolerant or having chronic GI issues that defy conventional diagnostics (and are willing to try true dietary change).