Monday, September 13, 2010

Mellow Mushroom

Gluten free pizza is now at Mellow Mushroom in Wilmington!

We haven’t been to MM since my son stopped eating gluten and dairy, and we have missed it. We missed it so much that I neglected to take photos during all the excitement of returning to our family’s favorite spot. I would take photos of leftovers, but there are none.

Here’s the skinny:

You can get a medium gluten free pizza for $10.50 plus a dollar or so per topping. The menu lists gluten free toppings, and they even have soy cheese. Hallelujah!

I thought the pizza was great and more importantly, my son loved it. I look forward to picking up a pizza to go before birthday parties where pizza is standard fare.

Thank you MM, and we’ll keep on ‘shroomin.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mama Fu's

I’d like to share with you some other restaurants that I have eaten at safely and deliciously. My all time favorite restaurant since becoming GF is P.F. Changs. They have an extensive GF menu and knowledgeable well-trained wait staff. Unfortunately, there isn’t one in Wilmington (the closest is in Myrtle Beach, SC, if you’re up for the drive, and another in Raleigh, NC). However, Mama Fu’s in Mayfair has similar menu items (though not as extensive of a GF Menu). My favorite dish to get there is the steam bowl with chicken and either white or brown rice. They have a red chili sauce that is GF and delicious that you can order on the side. If I remember, I’ll bring my own GF soy sauce. The meal is healthy, affordable, and delicious. I’ve also had the veggie spring rolls (they use rice paper) which were good as well. The wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I always have a positive experience there. The corporate website offers a larger gluten free menu although I think this is new and not yet implemented in all of their restaurant branches.

For more information:

Mama Fu’s Wilmington

941 International Drive

Wilmington, NC 28405

910. 256.2620

Happy eating,


Thursday, September 9, 2010

K38 Baja Grill

Last night I ate at K38 Baja Grill on Oleander Drive, Wilmington. This is a small Mexican-themed restaurant featuring fresh homemade soft corn tortillas. The manager and waitress were knowledgeable about food allergies and sensitive to my gluten intolerance. On Wednesdays there are $1.50 hard shell tacos (they couldn’t verify that these were GF) and $2.50(vegetarian)/$3.00(meat) soft shell homemade tacos (GF). I ordered a black bean taco and a chicken. Their special taco sauce was GF as well (the waitress pulled out the ingredient list right there at the table) and wow were these delicious! Unfortunately, the taco chips on the table were not GF but I was still so grateful for the staff’s diligence and awareness to my allergy and the quality of the food. I will definitely dine here again!

For more information:


5410 Oleander Dr.

Wilmington, NC 28403


Happy eating,


Hello-new blogger!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nina and I've been living here in Wilmington for just over a year now. I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity about 2 1/2 years ago after having chronic stomach aches, IBS symptoms, and unexplained weight loss. Now, I feel the best that I have in many years! Although it can be a struggle to find GF options, it has become much easier with time and availability of GF products on the market. That being said, I find it pretty easy to eat gluten free when I am the cook in my own kitchen. However, it can be difficult to dine out with a safe, delicious, and affordable GF meal. I hope to blog about my experiences eating GF in Wilmington and share delicious GF recipes that I come across and try.

Happy eating,