Monday, September 13, 2010

Mellow Mushroom

Gluten free pizza is now at Mellow Mushroom in Wilmington!

We haven’t been to MM since my son stopped eating gluten and dairy, and we have missed it. We missed it so much that I neglected to take photos during all the excitement of returning to our family’s favorite spot. I would take photos of leftovers, but there are none.

Here’s the skinny:

You can get a medium gluten free pizza for $10.50 plus a dollar or so per topping. The menu lists gluten free toppings, and they even have soy cheese. Hallelujah!

I thought the pizza was great and more importantly, my son loved it. I look forward to picking up a pizza to go before birthday parties where pizza is standard fare.

Thank you MM, and we’ll keep on ‘shroomin.

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Sugar on Front St said...

Just wanted to let you know we are making a gluten-free stuffing bread at the shop today! It's celery, onion, sage and thyme-perfect for an after feast sandwich or a turkey stuffing or dressing! Sam at Great Harvest Bread Co!