Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kinnikinnick's Gluten-Free Donuts

While we're now just weeks away from our return to the south. To a quiet life in the Carolina mountains and extended stays on the beautiful beachy shores. We've been reminiscing about home, about life in the south.

For me those memories also conjure up thoughts of warm, Sunday morning donuts in New Orleans. Memories of baby donuts.

There was a small grocery-deli just blocks away from where we lived, and though they did not have bulk pricing or discounts, they did have delectable little treats like the packages of cinnamon and sugar sprinkled donuts that my mom would sometimes buy us for a weekend treat.

These small donuts--baby donuts, we called them--were not greasy or too terribly unhealthy, just small little indulgences, perfectly warmed in our toaster oven.

It was much to my surprise when I found some very familiar looking little cinnamon and sugar donuts in the freezer section (next to the g/f waffles) of my local Whole Foods Market, there was not one, but two different donut flavors, but nostalgia made my decision for me.

These little Kinnikinnick donuts are a delightful little treat--just like mom used to make, only gluten and casein free!

-slightly more sugary than I'd prefer, but if you have a big sweet tooth they're perfect, otherwise just wipe a bit off and they're fabulous!
-they did require about twice the suggested time to heat, but that still only took 30 secs. I do however wonder how they'd been if I had a toaster oven?
-they are not at all greasy, plus w/ only 4.5 g of fat, they're not too unhealthy either.
-great tasting and great texture!

Perfect for an occasional weekend treat!

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