Friday, June 19, 2009

Useful Resources: Gluten Free Meat Products

We all know that in going to the store if people do not have Celiacs disease they might not be aware of what Gluten is or why the product is marked that way, so I wanted to do a little research to see in a pinch what kind of web sites I could find that have gluten free meats for sale.

Here are the results:
Hope that this helps. I know that I have been wondering for a long time what meat I can and can not eat this is a challenge as a lot of food is processed and you are not sure with what. I believe that ingredients are a mystery in my latest meeting involving Celiacs a lot of people had stated they would not touch a product unless it stated gluten free on the package some where or the store had it marked gluten free.
How can we help to make any of this easier the producers are not labeling the products do we call each one individually and ask them maybe. I presume that only time will tell.

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