Monday, June 14, 2010


Our roof is being replaced and the ruckus this evening was so loud and constant that even though I had a lovely dinner planned, we had to get out of the house. It was late and the kids were cranky so we headed up Oleander, stopping at each restaurant we passed. The first had a half hour wait, the second had no gluten free options, but the third, Nicola's, had gluten free pasta and no wait. Sold!

The choices were spaghetti or ziti and the little guy picked the ziti. We asked for added salami to make it more than just a bowl of plain pasta. I should have asked if the salami was gluten free but there was a circus-like atmosphere at our table and I forgot.

I had a spinach salad and a side order of parmesan risotto. It was delicious, and really filling.

And then we got the bill. One kid size portion of mac and cheese was $4. That's pretty standard. The kiddie portion of gluten free pasta with salami was $9. Ouch.

The gluten free option at a local Italian place is great and if you don't have any other restrictions, there are nice dishes. But you might want to ask about the upcharge before ordering. There isn't a printed kid's menu and the charge for substituting gluten free pasta isn't on the regular menu; and we didn't ask about the price before we ordered. Since we are dropping several G's on a roof this week, an expensive weeknight dinner so we don't lose our minds during the process hurt less than it usually would. This would have been more fun on an evening when we could have enjoyed ourselves instead of a rushed school night, but since everyone actually liked and ate their dinner, we have no complaints.

Location and menu are on their website .

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